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TIMEOUT NY: We Are Proud to Present… @Soho Rep

Jackie Sibblies Drury’s extraordinary We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as South West Africa, from the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884–1915 gives the term false start a good name.

New Yorker: We Are Proud to Present…


From “Down but not defeated: Four views from the margins.” NEW YORKER. 16 April 2012. By Hilton Als. Too few women playwrights deal directly with politics in their work. Some may have bought into the cliché that women are better at writing character than they are at writing plot—and what is…

NYT: Italian American Reconciliation


An Operatic, Comic Romance By ANITA GATES One look at the set for “Italian American Reconciliation” and you may form an opinion as to just what kind of production this is. “It looks like ‘Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding,’ ” one man said, as he took his seat at the Long Wharf Theater’s…

NYT: Agnes Under the Big Top


Stories of Isolation in an Urban Circus By SYLVIANE GOLD “Optimists are stupid people,” snaps a caustic subway motorman to his congenitally cheerful trainee — not coincidentally nicknamed Happy — in Aditi Brennan Kapil’s “Agnes Under the Big Top.” A smart pessimist in attendance at Long Wharf Theater Stage II might find few reasons…

Variety: Agnes Under the Big Top


Audiences take a leap of faith along with scribe Aditi Brennan Kapil in her wonderful crazy quilt of a play “Agnes Under the Big Top,” receiving its world preem at New Haven’s Long Wharf Theater. The result is a tough and tender play and a production that is as graceful and evocative as trapeze artists flying though air with the greatest of ease.

NYT: Sylvia


Uncommon Insight, Coming From a Dog By ANITA GATES You may want to ask yourself whether you can trust a confessed dog fanatic to review “Sylvia,” the Long Wharf Theater’s current attraction. So I want to reassure you that I am sometimes not completely entranced by plays, movies and books about my favorite animal….

NYT: The Old Man & The Sea


A Playful Elderly Fellow Who Bonds With a Fish By ANITA GATES No matter what some of us think of Ernest Hemingway — his all too imitable blunt-understatement style, his unfashionably macho fascination with death and killing — we have to admit that the power of his language has aged remarkably well in…

Variety: The Old Man & the Sea


By FRANK RIZZO It’s not just about the sharks eating the spoils from a fading fisherman’s last great hurrah. It’s about what happens to the old man himself after he returns to shore, how his surrogate son is affected and what we think of obsession, aging and manhood. This reconsideration…

NYT: Underneath the Lintel


Dewey Decimal Meets Da Vinci By ANITA GATES ”THE DA VINCI CODE” opened in movie theaters on the day I saw Glen Berger’s ”Underneath the Lintel” at the Long Wharf Theater. So it was fairly easy to get into the mood for an ancient religious mystery and a related quest…

Variety: Underneath the Lintel


By FRANK RIZZO We soon realize, in this riveting Long Wharf production, that the simple search is more than it first appears, as it reveals a cosmic puzzle that makes “The Da Vinci Code” seem like a game of hide-and-seek. On this rainy night, the Librarian has rented a dilapidated,…